Poetry Workshop via Zoom

‘If poetry and the arts do anything, they can fortify your inner life, your inwardness.’ Seamus Heaney

‘Poetry names the nameless so it can be thought.’ Audre Lorde

In this monthly workshop we share a poem that we have written, often on a theme which has been suggested at the previous workshop. This theme is only a suggestion, and if no poem ‘arrives’ we share a poem we have written previously. There is also a time when a member of the group leads a participatory time on some aspect of writing poetry. The purpose of the workshop is to share poetry, receive feedback from the group, and to develop in our writing. Please use the contact page to request a Zoom link for the workshop.

Some rough notes following a discussion on ground rules:

  • honesty
  • sensitivity
  • enabling our learning
  • we can say what feedback we want
  • keep personal info confidential
  • poems are always the property of the poet
  • commenting is not compulsory
  • best outcome is to feel energised about writing poems – high score on the Energometer!